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Why do people need a "Docta On Demand"?
I asked myself the same question. In my 19 years of private practice I've seen the relationship between doctor and patient change as both society and technology advanced. When I started out, all I needed was a beeper and an answering machine for clients to reach me outside of my office hours. My role was clearly defined. In the last few years, as the health care debate moved to the front burner, the need for off hour contact, input, guidance and clarity moved me to take what was an informal exchange into a formal process. It costs people more than just money to wander from doctor to doctor, website to website looking for answers. The time and energy spent in that state of uncertainty is what I view as the core social stress we face. That's why the program focuses on getting you relief from that first because until you feel SAFE, you can't do a damn thing to help yourself regain your vitality. It takes a month to make that all happen.   

How does the Docta On Demand program work?
To begin your program complete the Somatic Inventory survey. You'll be sent an e-mail with instructions to gather your initial human performance data for me. Relax, it's just 4 simple self-tests I've done with my Earth-bound clients for years. They'll help define the 'envelope' we're working in. The program applies to principles and payoffs of The Somatic Method (TSM), which features a field-tested behavioral algorithm that allows us to both personalize and harmonize the many biological and social rhythms we're moving within every day. Each week presents a distinct level of awareness that reveals a hidden order after we've completed the 30-day process. The self-discovery that emerges is life-renewing.  

With that as the backdrop, what happens on a practical level is really straightforward. I'll create a password-protected page for you that'll have our tasks & targets for each week. We'll also have a schedule of interactions (chat, e-mail, phone, etc...) so you'll be able to stay on track and reach the outcome we mutually set up. At the end of the 30-day program, you'll be given a case review/feedback form to put our work into context. From there we can decide if that foundation was enough for now or if you'd like to continue your program.   

How much does it cost?
The program is $300.00 paid in advance for the first 30 days. It's $100.00 for each additional family member. Up to 4 additional people can participate in an initial 30-day program.

I accept PayPal or credit card. Once you complete your intake forms, you'll receive an invoice in your e-mail. When you pay that invoice, your program will be activated and the process will begin. The way I work it is that we're able to track up to 50 cases per month. So it's on a first pay, first stay basis. I'll be able to stagger the caseload into two different waves once we get going so people who activate their programs between the 2nd and 14th of the month will start on the 15th and people who activate it between the 16th and month end will begin on the 1st.

Any program that is activated on the 1st or 15th of the month will be counted towards the next wave. After a 30-day program cycle is complete, a set of renewal options will be made available. Those programs will be counted among the 50 case limit so keep that in mind. I want to really partner with people on-line & empower them to make Docta-On-Demand a resource.

What are some common examples of how social stress impacts our vitality?
Take a fast life survey with me. If you're over 18, say yes to any of the following events that happened in your life or the lives of those around you in the last year and half...

Death of a Spouse                                                                                             
Marital Separation
Death of a Close Family Member
Personal Injury or Illness

If you said yes to one or more of these there's a 80% chance of experiencing psychosomatic illness in the next year. That same goes for children 18 years of age and younger. Yes or no?

Getting married
Unwed pregnancy
Death of parent
Acquiring a visible deformity
Divorce of parents

Again, if it happens to you or someone in your social circle, you must adapt to these changes. Is it a surprise that 10% of the population is taking an antidepressant? (story)

Does the Docta On Demand program resolve these complicated issues in 30 days?   
The aim of this approach is to confront all the overwhelming stress by helping you to restore an awareness of your own personal rhythms of restoration. So instead of dealing with all the stories and symptoms, we'll be making you aware of the signs of higher functional tone. It's really that direct. People expect a lot of work and effort when it's really a shift of attention. Sustaining that shift over 30 days requires support since your system is not used to it and it'll resist it. Do you realize that 90% of people FAIL to make lifestyle changes after age 30? (story) 

So while it won't be easy, your program will be clear and focused. Everything begins and ends with you. I'll contact your other practitioners. I'll suggest ones in your area that I know. Nothing will happen in a vacuum. You'll have a voice at each stage of the process. What you'll learn will open you up to an inner world that has been muted by years and years of constant social conditioning. That ends when we begin our work together... 

Click below to complete your FREE behavioral needs analysis and I'll be happy to be your Docta on Demand! :)     

Somatic Inventory Survey