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My platform, Soma Bytes, gives you and your world a new voice. Together, we can partner to conquer social stress by applying the ideas I've developed, collectively known as 'The Somatic Method' (TSM) Each week we'll tackle a new topic that impacts your life and add in some tangents from my personal experience. If you roll with me, you're going to get a point of view that will challenge a lot of what you see as 'givens' about life now. I can be raw, gruff and blunt at times. My advice is almost always simple, direct and immediate. The topics are all too common, yet mysterious and terra incognita in nature. You'll leave each installment with your senses sharpened, your inner life renewed with a keen awareness of the world outside your routines, beliefs, convictions and attachments to your past. It's not exactly an apple a day approach. The devitalized, disembodied, and deranged culture we are wallowing in needs to be jolted out of its stupor ASAP. 

Who Needs To Tune In?
The marketing experts always ask me...Filippi, who is your core audience? Who needs to listen to you and why? Nothing you say makes sense to 'normal' people anyway. LOL -- OK my turn...Show me the 'normal' people. We are living in the age of the pre-existing condition of abnormal. It's time we faced that reality with a fresh look at the map. There's only two stats to know about. 

90% of Americans have 'impulse control disorders'
These so-called 'soft addictions [AKA bad habits] impact their personal time (workaholics),
productivity (obsessive-compulsive disorders) or lead to criminal behaviors
(kleptomania, pyromania, intermittant explosive disorder/rageaholics etc).

Once you're 30 years old...
The odds of you changing those high risk behaviors, even when faced with a life or death
choice is 9:1 against you. So whether it's booze, drugs, nicotine, food, gambling, sex
or stress itself that you're hooked on, the die is cast. And the support systems out there
are sometimes worse than the risk factors those lifestyles offer.


Some of you need to listen just to literally figure out how to survive. Most of you need to listen to find the hidden strengths you've got buried inside that my work illuminates. We're mostly made of memory. These audios get you out of that endless loop and take you to a place behind the world you're locked into 24/7. Breaking that ingrained pattern is simple, but not easy. Here's the recipe:   

We need to learn to live WITHIN the moment, not in it. Then time becomes a place...a HERE...not a NOW. Then we can drop the shield of 'present shock' that allows us to fight wars like video games and be so dissociated we can watch a running stream of random murder, disaster and mayhem and flip to a movie - about the same s! A nightmare and a kick in the teeth is the same 'event' in the nervous system. We've created a culture of virtual reality that allows us to be numb to how dehumanized we are. These audios will break through your jaded indifference and let you risk caring again about yourself, caring about your whole life and caring the world around you. So there's my answer! 

Key Concepts
Some of the many ideas I've connected, advanced, and shared with my clients for over 25 years include...

  • Life is not about 'health and happiness'. In fact, the pursuit of it is a total dead end. (Ivan Illich)
  • Somatics is a discipline that studies the experience of  how self and surroundings relate. (Thomas Hanna)
  • What you 'think' is you is actually an environmental signal broadcast from the living Universe. (Bruce Lipton)
  • Human growth and development is shaped by the quality and variety of social interactions. (Stephen Porges)
  • We mistake the ordinary for the known, the routine for the mundane. Nothing is that obvious. (Moshe Feldenkrais)

The Format
The strength of this platform is that it's designed to get at the fundamental paradox of human life. That is, that despite all our unqiueness as individuals, we require the dynamic experience of others to be whole and to feel fulfilled. That collective need is celebrated in the way we design each audio package. What I'm after is to take the mysterious, untamed and often overlooked part of life and shed some light on them. For many of you, this is your first foray into what I call the WOO. Now just saying that is somewhat polarizing to people on both sides of that turbulent mirror. All the WOO is when you boil off the parsley on top, is the truth we carry within us. It's where we create meaning and share the hidden aspects of ourselves. So it tends to get buried, distorted, tabooed and socially shunned. Not here. Soma Bytes is where you can find out about all that far out weird stuff your friends and neighbors are doing to learn better, heal faster and live deeper. I know you're curious.

Why do you think we're still into magic shows, comic book movies, science fiction, aliens, wizards, vampires, and zombies in the techie, science knows best world we live in? Because we all still carry in us a forgotten awareness of the world within where the archetypes of our somatic past live on. No matter how hard society tries to disconnect us from our inner nature and the spiritual realm, we cannot avoid our WOOness. For some, it's the birth of a child that awaken the WOO in us. For others the loss of a loved one...for most of us, it's those moments when life speaks to us in a rare and quiet way...and we happen to really listen. Soma Bytes is my way of reminding you to do to that more often. There are a few ways to get your earful. Welcome to my diner of sound advice... 

The Woo Around You....
The good people at SoundCloud gave me a free way to create a little social search for you to take into your day. They're about a minute or so of Zen each. I'll introduce WOO a topic you may have glanced at or maybe tried to decipher it but the stuff was so shrouded in arcane lingo you gave up.   Then I'll spin into a new somatic solution for you to experience and share with the people you impact.  

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The Woo Within You...
The problem with the WOO is the people who talk about the mystical aspects of life in a dismissive tone tend to try in vain to find a rational, 'left brain' logical explanation. They can't let it just stay a fascinating, even compelling, side of life. In bringing this material (or is it immaterial?) to light, I'll use the somatic filters I've mastered to make what seems far-fetched, even surreal, something you can apply to your 'normal', everyday life. These 15 minute instructional sessions are like sitting with me in person and being guided to expand your awareness beyond the limits of what you knew to be true to what is 'LIVING WOO'. The audios become like mini-biofeedback sessions to elevate you above the mundane, vanilla world to tune into the edges of reality where the rules tend to bend a little...



My Woo For You....
These are some extended recordings designed to raise your awareness of The 4 Domains and connect them to your everyday life. The aim is to start you on a path to better social coherence. The line-up of these audios will be in flux so be sure to check in here periodically to see what's new...   


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The Woo We Can Do.... 
These are customized, private group audios I offer to teach specific aspects of the dynamics of the domains in an interactive format. These "Byte Nights" run from one to three hours and are designed for groups of 15 to 30 people. They can be done live, if need be, or a combination of on and offline work. The best thing to do if you're interested is follow the instructions below. We'll take from there.    

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If you want to get a fast introduction to my style, check out these 'Sixty Second Bytes'...  
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The Basics 


The Domains







This is the lovely and talented Joy Radulovic. She's the contact person for all things "Soma Bytes". Joy has been with me literally since the beginning as a co-worker, client and staunch advocate of my work. Whether you submit a question or a comment to the show she's here to serve. Just a fair warning. I know her for over 25 years. Don't quibble! LOL #ONTOascanbe ;) 

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