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co·her·ence   (k-hîrns, -hr-) The working definitions for coherence range from the tangible to the abstract, from the literal to the figurative, from the cosmic  to the cosmetic. Our aim at this conference is to apply them to real-world issues facing people from all walks of life as we enter the era of Health 2.0. Bring your own brain!

This article Concept Creation, Coherence, and Cohesion  gave us this version of it...  

[coherence] - relating the new concept to an element of the conceptual schema



The conceptual schema we're exploring like these blind men touching the elephant here is how coherence can be applied to the emerging world of Health 2.0 going forward. This transcends the dry clinical and academic arguments and gets into the more raw terrain of economics, memetics, epigenetics and other socially-based fields that Health 2.0 will bump into as it evolves. So we're calling all cars..

  Here's a tentative schedule of events 

 SAT, OCT 2nd...
  9:00am - Opening remarks and introductions
10:00am-12:00pm - Philosophy of Coherence Panel
                                "How can we unify all the different definitions, concepts and principles that are coherence-based?"

Confirmed Live Participants
Irving Dardik 
Rick Paar
Carlos Torre
Mark Filippi, (moderator)

George Muhs, (moderator)             

We'll also be reviewing video contributions from...
Rob Bryanton (pending)
Douglas Rushkoff (click to view)


Lunch Break: 12:00pm to 1:30pm

1:30pm-3:30pm - Science of Coherence Panel
                            "How can we combine the qualitative and quantitative models of coherence into an integrated perspective?"
Confirmed Live Participants
Irving Dardik 
Alexander Riftine
Rick Paar
Carlos Torre
Mark Filippi, (moderator)

George Muhs, (moderator)      

We'll also be reviewing video/audio contributions from...
Dan Winter (click to view)
David Goodman (click to view)
Stephen Elliott (click to view) 

James Oschman (click to view)
Karl Pribram (click to listen)
Tom Myers (click to listen)

3:30pm - Break

4:00pm-6:00pm - Arts/Applications of Coherence Panel
                            "How have the models of coherence impacted the way we educate, deliver care and communicate?" 

Confirmed Live Participants
Irving Dardik 
Rick Paar
Carlos Torre
Marc Grossman
Dantalion Jones
Mark Filippi, (moderator)

George Muhs, (moderator)     

We'll also be reviewing video contributions from...
Deb Rozman  (click to view)
Erik Leskowitz (click to view)
Pete Egoscue (click to view)

SUN, OCT 3rd...
  9:00am - Opening remarks and introductions
10:00am-12:00pm - Interdisciplinary Coherence Panel
                                "What are the implications/obstacles for coherence as a core idea as Health 2.0 evolves?" 

Confirmed Live Participants
Jared Mermey, VENUING.COM
Anthony Burke, VML.COM
Fred Abraham
Mark Filippi, (moderator)

George Muhs, (moderator)      

We'll also be reviewing video/text contributions from...
Alexandra Krane, ELIZACORPORATION.COM (click to read)
Suzanne LaCombe, MYSHRINK.COM (click to view)

12:00-12:15pm - Break
12:15pm - 12:45pm - Peter D'Adamo (short presentation & round table discussion)  
12:45pm to 1:00pm - Closing remarks

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Open to the public!
The 2010 Coherence Coherence has approximately 20 seats available to the public. It's free to attend but you must register with us on-line. Click here!


Directions to campus...
For driving routes to UB click here


Where on campus is it?
All of our activities will take place at the Wahlstrom Library's 6th floor on the UB campus... (link)


Campus Contact
For any issues with parking or on campus resources, get hold of Keisha Cox
keishac@bridgeport.edu - Her extension is (203) 576-4530...      


 CEU Credits
We are awaiting approval for 12 Continuing Education credits from UBCC for DC's. Other CEU is pending. We'll have limited space for local practitioners, UBCC staff and faculty to attend the live events. On-line CE opportunities will also become available as we organize this conference. 


Who Else Needs To Hook In To This?
We want to extend our co-creative vibe to anyone out there who's work impacts the well-being of others. So whether you're a musician, an artists, an educator  or a child advocate, please gets involved. The more we can show how integral coherence is to our collective & personal future, the more people will listen to us. So check your title(s) at the door and dance with us...


Invitees will share minor room expenses...A percentage of the sales of mp3's/transcripts and conference DVD's will be split among the group. A common link will be given upon their confirmation to help promote the conference on their personal websites and on-line forums. 


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ValRock Music and their fearless leader, Valerie Romanoff have kindly allowed us to offer her debut CD's at the conference, but why wait? Listen and buy them now and get your 2010 CoCo groove on today!

 Healing Music       Very Valerie  



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 I'll reply to most e-mails within 24 hours and v-mails after 8pm ET. 


What the heck is Health 2.0?

May 14th, 2010 by Cari Reisinger

Health 2.0

This week’s caller is Dr. Mark Filippi, an eclectic and cutting edge chiropractor/radio host, who wanted to dive into the topic of Health 2.0 with Kathleen.  Or, in layman’s terms…the overall health conversation on the Web.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that we can Google symptoms and self-diagnose before we see a doctor?  With so many resources floating out there, how do we get solid, trust-worthy health info?  It’s actually a topic that’s too big for 8-minutes, and we’ll definitely be returning to this conversation, but for now listen to Kathleen and Dr. Filippi’s hot and bothered Health 2.0 convo: