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en·train 1  (ĕn-trān′)

tr.v. en·traineden·train·ingen·trains
1. to adjust an internal rhythm so it synchronizes with an external cycle

Every behavior you have from the most basic ones like breathing to the most complex ones like thinking is the result of entraining rhythms with cycles. We entrain to everything we interact with whether we're aware of it or not. So what's the big deal about it? Why is it so important to notice what we've entrained already and what is trying to entrain us right now? Because, on the other end of the funnel, your vitality now and your longevity later is tied to being aware of your patterns of entrainment. And what entertains us the most, entrains us the easiest. In the visually-biased culture we live in, we are deluged with 'eye candy' 24/7. Most of it, btw, is the living mirror of our own lives that we post on-line. 

So whether it's the music we listen to, the food we enjoy, or the people and places we experience everyday, we are constantly trying to find a signal in the noise. That search begins and ends with the way we move our eyes. The more coordination we can generate between our eyes, brain and body the more we become sensitive to any loss of coherence in our world and in ourselves. Literally what 'catches our eyes' captures our attention. The social media mavens know that all too well. That's why I created the MoodBender TechnologiesClick below and take a look-see and begin your path to a clearer day.


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