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A Profiling Primer

We here at SOMASPACE.ORG realize that 99.99999999% of you could care less about somatics. An even larger percentage (if there is one) have the same take on figuring out what PROFILING is and how to use it. That said, it would be kind of cool to have a way to understand people better, since we tend to have at least one conversation a day that matters to us. The e-book we offer here is a crisp 'once over' of a complex process that can be written about in way more detail than even the 0.00000001% could stand. What we're going for here is something the REST of you can use to whet your appetite for the social side of The Somatic Method (TSM). It's the more right brain side of the somatic coin. So knowing that, we've assembled a PROFILING appetizer for you. Click on any of the images below and you'll get to zoom in on a one-page thumbnail of topics that we cover more deeply in the actual e-book. Better yet, print them out and keep them handy as you begin to develop your TSM skills. Tomorrow you'll have a conversation that matters to you. Show up a profiler!


     Meet The 4 Domains



For the 0.00000001% that are curious enough to turn over the 'somatic stone' to see what's under it, we've given you 'quick view' of the S-List e-book's basic ideas that will enrich your PROFILING experience even more. Click on any headings below and you'll be taken to page that has the precise text/images you need to grasp each concept.    

The Process

Sense Of Coherence (SOC)

Important Distinction!

What's a soma?

What's the payoff?

Somatic Cinema

The PHYLO Movie Experience

The ONTO Movie Experience

The ECO Movie Experience

The EXO Movie Experience

Every Soma Has A Story, Don't It? 

"I" Before "Me", until I can see?

Get Your Story Square

Pictures Not People!

First Person Authority

Expect This

The Whole Profiled Truth


If you made it this far, go ahead and read the damn e-book!


Sanity Plates

Click to find out why Professor Val went all somatic with her plates