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I'm excited to welcome you to Soma Space. Thanks for stopping by the site. I'm Dr. Mark Filippi. That's me back in March 2012, celebrating the Giants Superbowl 46 win with punter Steve Weatherford. Ask anyone who's visited me at my office in Larchmont and they'll tell you I have no problem being a fan of any of my teams...even the Mets! But that's not why I chose this picture to introduce myself to you here.

My work in somatics has been focused on the relationship of images and identity. Much of psychology's recent past has been about unearthing gestalts, archetypes and other imprints and snapshots of our inner lives. Whether it's through dreams, thoughts or imagination we can never quite complete the puzzle. Why? Because we've missed the big picture. That's what I bring you with The Somatic Method. Once you're able to literally SEE yourself somatically a whole new way to live opens up within you.

When you look at me here with Steve, some genuine joy is captured in that photo. How many pictures do you take when you pose for family holidays or work stuff and it's just 'not you'? Have you ever wondered how many times you 'pose' like that in real life? That's what's at the core of the social stress many of us carry around day to day and year to year. That stuff sticks to our bones people! What I'm here to do is reveal those patterns to you so it gets to be second nature to recognize WHAT you are somatically in every social interaction and HOW you can use that awareness to better connect and communicate with others.

Rather than bore you with my resume, I figured a quick look back at the last 12 years or so through a visual timeline would demonstrate how TSM has evolved. I'm proud of each and every stop on the path. The lessons I've learned from the people and places this journey has taken me on were more than worth it. Looking back, I'm glad I had all these twists and turns. Maybe it'll save you the trouble someday. At the very least, I'll have another story to tell you. Enjoy your time here in Soma Space. I hope we cross paths soon. And if you really want to see my resume, contact me and I'd be happy to share it all.

Travel Light,

Dr. Mark R. Filippi    



Somehow all of that...eventually became this. Spiral on!