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Welcome to Soma Space...so WTF is Soma Space?

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We're traveling on a 4.5 billion year old planet, spinning at 1000 miles per hour and moving 18.5 miles per second through space - and we're blissfully unaware of that ...but everyday life is moving faster than our nervous systems were designed to take...To handle the turbulence, we need to shift our attention from the noisy 'world we're in' to the stillness of the 'world within'...that's where I come in... ;) My work is about getting as many people as possible back to their biological roots...and yeah, it means getting into the somatic (felt sense) terrain; the dirt on top and the mud below that. It begins and ends with these basic, but sort of trick questions...they aren't solved with answers...but they are resolved with awareness...trust me, not a play on words there...most people are content to stay in their trance...but if you're tired of being shut down, beat up and feeling powerless, read on...


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No time now? Get your toes wet with this timeless and easy to read primer about the 4 Domains from Professor Val...my pagan ECO pal...



We are born into these fixed perspectives of the domains. We are constantly influenced and guided by them, personally, socially, naturally and even metaphysically. But we still live in a culture that is indifferent to them, so we largely ignore or distort their message. Which one are you? Short answer: you are all of them! But one is your primary domain, your somatically closed identity. It keeps you safe until you're about 25...then you need to be able to shift into the 3 secondary domains you acquired from your interactions with others and the world around you. When you are unaware of that silent contract with life, incoherence grows and your social stress will deepen. The good news is we can renew that contract in an instant. The survey introduces you to your cosmic reflection...otherwise you may recognize yourself in this next question... 

Are you becoming a social stress statistic?


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The 'world within' is the realm of somatics, a completely misunderstood back water 1st person science that was hijacked by the humanistic pyschologists in the late 60's. And as a child of that era, I am now here to steal it back for you. But I need your help. This is a team sport, this change the 'world within' stuff. Why? Because as much as we're all unique as individuals, we're wired to share, to bond, to exchange and learn and heal each other. I know, hippie talk. Not anymore. Stephen Porges, Ph.D. developed a model call the Polyvagal Theory that brought to light the biological roots of our social nervous system 

Are you ready to be soma-fied and re-humanized? Hallelujah! 

Somewhere around 2006, I met Dr. Irv Dardik in his 'bat cave' in the NJ hills. We shared a kindred spirit about the nature of the rhythms we live and the role the lunar phases play in our lives. His approach was more about increasing the intensity of our activity as we ramp up to the Full Moon to improve strength. Mine was to shift the duration of the same basic intensity to build endurance. That led to me designing the cornerstone of my work - SIMPLES... Click below to learn about them. 

The construction of SIMPLES was then incorporated into the lunar phase calendar, AKA, the "Coherence Calendar" and Irv's 'entraining windows' of when it was optimal to do SIMPLES was plugged into the equation. These little steps led to me connecting with a team of artists in Chile. I had done an interview (see the section below) about the origins of the Coherence Calendar with a widely read e-zine and they took it upon themselves to design a very esoteric Lunar Calendar to give others way outside my circle a way to use SIMPLES in their lifestyle. That was a great example of how I want my work to spread. Here's my evolving but very vanilla 2019 version ... LOL... :)       


Over my time in practice I developed ways to help people anticipate the shifts and nuances within each seasonal cycle. These play off the lunar practice of SIMPLES. So here's a way to prepare and then navigate the Summer cycle as it approaches in the Northern Hemisphere and I'll be nice and give our pals in the Southern Hemisphere the same advantage as they begin their Winter down under. Did I mention after all it's still a great big world...with lots of places to run to? Someone did that...once. ;)







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For my 'regular' visitors, here's where we are 'moon wise' at the moment...


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I did an in-depth interview with Alejandro Martinez Gallardo from pijamasurf.com

 Click the pics to read each installment...good for the curious types... 
Note: Once you open the article, R click on the page to translate it into English... 
Here's another interview I did with Myles Kantor (it started in 2013 and ended in 2017)...LOL
We covered how you can apply the principles of interval training to the lunar cycles. 
The Moon and Strength Development 

Back in 2011 (which seems like when dinosaurs roamed now technologically), I designed some basic apps called MoodBender for the Apple Developer program... All these years later, with the outgrowth of new platforms and devices, I needed to revamp that idea. Here's what I got now...

Try the All-New Version of MoodBender Live!


Update: Dr. Steven Krauza shared this story about how MB Live 18 is helping military veteran Tom Lane recover from his PTSD patterns    


To get a better understanding of the relationship of vision & posture click below...

Click below to order my pal Marc Grossman and Michael Edson's incredible new book!  


One of the new ways people can access the wide world of soma is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)... check it out here!  

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