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Here we share with you the audio contributions of our 2010 Coherence Conference community. Please feel free to offer your comments, questions and annotations on our message board. Thanks for 'tuning in'. It's a 2-way street. 


Alexandra Drane

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Define coherence in your terms...

Coherence to me means better aligning our healthcare “needs” (such as sticking to an exercise routine,  keeping up with preventive screenings, staying on our meds) with the things on which we seem to want to spend more energy and attention and budget (bacon double cheeseburgers, cable tv, plastic surgery).

For example, there’s the upwards of $70 per person the tobacco, alcohol, and food industry use to ply their wares, in a stunning suffocation of the comparative 33 cents invested by healthcare organizations… What are you more likely to pay attention to? 

Padma Lakshmi (or some other beauty) devouring a bacon double cheeseburger – or the shiny pamphlet which just showed up in your mail that showcases a diseased kidney and the headline: ‘Join our Diabetes Disease Management Program! We’re here for you!’ Obviously, a lot more people would rather Padma was there for them.

Healthcare’s deeply engrained culture doesn’t always help either. Its focus on formal, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies and peer-reviewed journal articles full of “you should’s” and “therefore’s” can limit applicability and impact in the real world.



Rob Bryanton

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Define coherence in your terms...

Our reality is constructed through constructive interference from a fifth dimensional probability space which contains a wave function which can be thought of as the constantly evolving map of possible pasts and futures that connect each of us to our current "now". Those past and future paths are "coherent" with our current now, while the pasts and futures of the universe that are logically/causally incompatible are "decoherent".

Coherence, then, connects us to the multiverse as per Everett's Many World Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Speaking philosophically, coherence as a goal is finding ways for each of us to better connect to the version of the universe that already exists within the underlying patterns of timelessness which, to avoid confusion with the multiple definitions of the word "multiverse", I have come to prefer to refer to as the "omniverse".

My project, Imagining the Tenth Dimension, has been an ongoing exploration of how we fit into these underlying patterns. A seven minute video I posted on YouTube last week called "Strength of Gravity, Speed of Light" shows one example of how my project is about trying to find the common meeting ground between physics and philosophy, between science and spirituality.


A recent blog entry which goes even further out on a limb with these ideas is called "Love and Gravity":



What are the key applications of your definition?

Understanding how each of us is at the center of our own unique version of the universe gives as a way of understanding our connectedness to the reality we are observing, and our connectedness to others we are interacting with as that reality is being observed. We each have more power than twentieth century science has traditionally taught us to believe, and the new science of epigenetics is a prime example of that. Who would have believed twenty years ago that studies could prove that changes in diet, lifestyle, and attitude can change which genes are expressed, and even influence what genes we pass on to our offspring? A YouTube video I posted last month called "Placebos Becoming More Effective?" also relates to this discussion:


What do you see as the major impact of your application within your field?

I am a generalist, interested in exploring the common meeting ground between different approaches. I am always careful to point out that I'm not a physicist and I'm not pretending to be one, but my visual approach to understanding the ten spatial dimensions (plus one of time, but I agree with the many physicists who say that ultimately "time is an illusion" so I prefer not to count it as a dimension) that our reality comes from has fired the imaginations of millions of people around the world.

What do you see as the major impact of your application outside your field?

"Outside my field"? For persons who insist that spirituality has no place in science, or religious fundamentalists who say that science is delusion, or hard determinists who say free will is an illusion, my project will not likely convince them to change the conclusions they have already reached.





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