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Aug 27, 2011
12:34 AM
Speak mind ')

classmate of you, Hello, everyone! We deeply by the possession, they learned the truth of the universe and life, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and void of all sentient beings as a pure Dharma body of law, so simple, innocent love, comes from a natural show, all living beings on the same void Dharma Juan Zhu, equal care, how to make things trampling ravaging beings? So in the

In this passage there, to give us a few examples, that all sentient beings 'greed afraid of dying, pro-love nostalgia, pain feel pain to know', is no different with our own solid, as long as we thin in to observe these phenomena it is clear before us. People practice Buddhism, to modify the wrong idea, modify the false move, teach us all the time to bring the contemplation of the work. What is contemplation? Love does not fall inside knowledge, but with wisdom, wisdom is all common sense observation, is called contemplation. Real consciousness of the people who say 'coherent, smooth and slick', the words were enjoyably, the world is very difficult to understand these words, beginners who are not easy to understand. The so-called 'Road' is the truth of the universe and life, the so-called 'source' is his health, he causal conversion, distinctly understand that this is about the origin. Mercy Fengyuan, source not in the distance, in front of head today. Today all people to explore the universe at the very start, the origin of life, in front, people must see the Road, sermon people, he was able to clear. So inform us and decided to good intentions and decided not to do wicked things, people need to understand fend for themselves.

annals cite a few here on the legal case in the past to study, most of whom have ever read. Buddhist scriptures which say: All sentient beings are all spare his life. 'Wang to kill sheep' hospitality, sheep kneel in front of the guests to tears, you think about it knows that love life, we see this scene, he really kill the sheep meat it? Therefore, we inspect the animals small child, when we first heard about Mount Qi Jushi release, put turtle thing. This turtle has a spirit, one is said to others not to kill it, to put it, Dade, ugg ? ? ? Suites, scoff. These expressions we can see, complete with people, animals know no different. Where the living animal, when it was caught, know to be killing, to be fresh taste, the kind of pain, we can see it on the mood, listless, in which tears, that the poor condition , what is different with people? The eyes of all living beings really have not seen, no ear has heard, no thoughts to the deliberate, wanton slaughter, his appetite and satiation, Jie Yuan manufacturing industry without too much of this.

sages taught us that 'net of justice', karma, trickle-down bad mood. Therefore, nursing students, release, do not eat all the flesh, the biggest thing, we have to constantly warning themselves, not only to care for sentient beings, trees and flowers are also spiritual

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