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America abundantly boasts some of the most creative scientists on the planet. Many are employed at stellar universities, earning payments commensurate with their productive abilities. They also have access to peers who can keep their careers moving down the tracks. In the space below are listed 21 of the accomplishments of David A. Goodman, PhD. You can decide whether he is one of America's first and one of the most original and then if he is worthy of  well-deserved publicity.

1. Received Master's and Doctorate in Neuroscience from Chicago and UC Irvine when there were fewer than 1,000 neuroscientists in the world.

2. Doctoral dissertation announced discovery of remote physiological sensing, and confirmatory experiments. This discovery represents the precursor to the sophisticated body scanners of today.

3. Invented his place of employment, the Newport Neuroscience Center, to guarantee he was always employed while outside the university and corporate pay-for-performance system.

4. Volunteered while employed by Newport Neuroscience Center to dedicate his life to recording the time structure of his unconscious mind by searching in data for as many as 14 biological rhythms and a half-dozen harmonics regulating his unconscious.

5. Spent 22 years recording his moods, emotions, dreams, states of consciousness and 10 other variables daily while keeping his rhythms unique and stable by living alone, working at home, never using an alarm clock or traveling beyond three time zones.

6. Recorded more than 22,000 dreams during past 21 years, at the rate of 3.8 a night; each dream annotated to time of night for ease of correlating dream emotions, elements and action sequences with personal biological rhythms.

7. Discovered the primacy of the "monthly emotional rhythm in men" first reported by Hersey in the generation and synthesis of dreams, a  finding that elevates this ostensibly lunar cycle perhaps on a par with the circadian rhythm.

8. Showed that how the rhythm in multiple subjects was of variable frequency and amplitude and stability, unlike expectations formed by the popular but overly simplified BioRhythms model, now obsolete.

9. Reported on the existence of a 260-day manifestation of the cycle that appears to be doubly opponent, likely fractal, and stable during the years 2000 through 2008. Now it is subject for October 2009 presentation at the Society for Neuroscience meetings.

10. Presentation called How Do Clock Genes Generate Human Dreams? offers sophisticated data analysis confirming how dreams using analog computing. in a fuzzy way can be predicted days ahead of time, putting to bed that dreams are random.

This 33-year study towards the goal of knowing how the human brain works, what kind of a machine it is, and confirming the hypotheses using multiple subjects could only be possible when Dr. Goodman generated income to continue his life as a human test pilot or guinea pig. Below are an assortment of the projects enabling him to pay his monthly expenses.

11. Writing a book: Hidden Neurology of The Lord's Prayer: Creating the Right Spirit for Human Genius that has a website:www.tomorrowwillcare.com. It reveals the five stages of neurological development to a genius-quality mind.

12. Consulting for Arthur Janov, PhD at the Primal Center. After intensive study showed how the primal therapy rediscovers the value of lamentation, suffering and wailing to rewire the brain and to restore balance to neurological and biochemical systems.

13. Consulting for David Steenblock, DO at Brain Regeneration, Inc. This entails knowledge of  nutritional biochemistry and Chinese herbal medicine to design a product capable of slowing the progression of Parkinson's Disease.

14. Consulting for Everett Hodges at the Violence Research Foundation. Championed an international campaign to reduce milligram amounts of manganese in soy infant formula to microgram amounts or less to avert ADHD later in life.

15. Establishing The Da Vinci Foundation for Discovering Human Genius to extract the innate abilities of the right prefrontal lobes, the source for individual differences, emotional and social intelligence that once were relegated to traditional religion.

16. Writing a program for President Obama to declare for a national goal to raise our country out of the doldrums. This follows earlier successful approaches to both Bush presidents whose national goals were dreamed up at Newport Neuroscience Center.

17. Wrote four little books and two manuals on what science and traditional religion have to say about illicit drugs, and why drug use by children and teenagers can reasonably be diminished by 30 percent or more without risking the future of our nation.

18. Taught five futurist courses on campus at UC Irvine to bring out the Da Vinci aspects mind and trigger a national purpose. Among the courses: Alternate Futures, The Next 25 Years, The Future of the Human Brain and The Genius of the Human Brain.

19. Composed two volumes intended to be international best-sellers on decoding George Orwell's greatest book that is Nineteen Eighty-Four. The volumes read between the lines to extract the complete satire and complete predictions in his great book.

20. Establishing the Da Vinci Foundation funding program to endow individuals who also choose to remove themselves from the working world to discover the personal time structures regulating their dreams, emotions, thoughts and mental states.

21. Finally, the employment of the algorithms used to predict dreams to solve some of mental science's greatest mysteries, like explaining why pharmaceuticals stop working, sources for personality disorders, and origins in the brain of mystery religions.

These 21 items represent many of the accomplishments of a man born in New York City of traditional Jewish parents who dedicated his life to dreaming great dreams outside of a university faculty, government agency or corporate staff. Based on his accomplishments enumerated here, Dr. Goodman can be a wonderful role model for youth desiring to place America's needs above their personal ego needs and cravings to achieve great wealth.



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