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Fall Meridian Meditation

While most people are busy with pumpkins, apple picking and checking out the leaves turning, the somaphile is prepping for 'Pineal Season' which starts two weeks before the clock change weekend and ends two weeks after it. This year, in North America, that process I have clinically observed a dramatic transformation in a large percentage of clients during this interval. The key to staying balanced is reconnecting with the felt-sense relationship you have with time. In somatics, we speak more about timing so it's vital to keep your meridian system in sync as the world shifts around you.


Meridian Meditation
Use each day to open your awareness to one of the 12 acupuncture meridians and the 2 vessels that unite to create your microcosmic orbit. Use this link as your guide and spend a minute each of the next two weeks with a meridian per day. Reverse the sequence once we make the time change for full benefit. It takes a minute, so hey, it qualifies as a SIMPLE too! 

Click here to see the meridians 

If you're sensitive you'll feel the body tingle a bit on the exhale. If you're not, it's still been 'delivered' to your system so just keep going. Many of you will find certain meridians are easier to open than others. Again, that's also just a sidebar. Just do the work these next 4 weeks and you'll be ready for 'the light'.

Begin with the Central Vessel (CV) on SUN 10/20. Then move to the LU (lungs) on MON, OCT 21st and finish up with the Governing Vessel (GV) on SAT, 11/02 ...and then do that one again on SUN, 11/03 after the clock change and reverse the order starting on MON, 11/04 and weave your way back to the (CV) by SAT, 11/16...If you start late just double or triple up until you're back in sync. It'll pay off for you in JAN when we're all a snuffling mess...Here's a link with some FYI to follow along.  ...To follow along click here  


Here's your one-stop do what when calender for the next 2 weeks... 

SUN, 10/20 - CV
MON, 10/21 - LU
TUES, 10/22 - LI
WED, 10/23 - ST
THURS, 10/24 - SP
FRI, 10/25 - HT
SAT, 10/26 - SI
SUN, 10/27 - PC
MON, 10/28 - TW
TUES, 10/29 - BL
WED, 10/30 - KI
THURS, 10/31 - GB
FRI, 11/01 - LV
SAT, 11/02 - GV 

Clock Change Night
Circle the date! SAT, 11/02. Here's a good quick way to process a lot of memory from the last 6 months or so and prepare your body for the long cycle of deep repair that'll take us to mid-MAR...

Jungian Induction (do before bed)
1. Count from now to your birth year slowly to yourself
2. The trick is to not stop, just observe the images {1980, 1979, 1978)
3. Then count back to now. Stay in the awareness that you are here and here again. 
4. Repeat steps #1 - #3 three times
5. Now go forward from now the number of years you've lived (ex. if you're 60 count from 2015 to 2075)
6. Reverse from where you stop and count back to now. Again, you're always here.
    When you've done steps #5-#6 three times, you are now in that desired state

Then here's the reverse order calendar to complete our 4 week transition...

SUN, 11/03 - GV (repeats from NOV 2nd)
MON, 11/04 - LI
TUES, 11/05 - GB
WED, 11/06 - KI
THURS, 11/07 - BL
FRI, 11/08 - TW
SAT, 11/09 - PC 
SUN, 11/10 - SI
MON, 11/11 - HT
TUES, 11/12 - SP
WED, 11/13 - ST
THURS, 11/14 - LI
FRI, 11/15 - LU
SAT, 11/16 - CV 


If you live outside of North America and your clock change weekend is different, the same rules apply. Ideally, you'd start 2 weeks before the shift on the SUN and finish up two weeks after on the second SAT. Now some of you are changing before North America. No worries...Just double up and do two per day after the switch and you'll be OK. You guys in the Southern Hemisphere are gearing up for Spring but the process is the same.Here's a link with all the other clock changes for the time zones worldwide. If you have any questions, click the quote bubble below. Travel light!



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