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Jared Mermey



Venuing is a location-based community built for fans of live sports and live events.

In a world totally awash all kinds of new media, Venuing’s mission is to provide a 21st -Century, interactive experience to fans of live sports by facilitating the energy that the fans themselves – our community – generate at live events. This is why we’ve built the Venuing app to be the mobile web’s first real time, geo-located fan-to-fan, user-to-user service of its kind; one we believe will revolutionize the way people interact with one-another while in a venue.

Through our web as well as our mobile app, we’re determined to provide the best home possible for sports fans, fellow mobile app users, and online multimedia consumers. That’s why Venuing’s site is a space designed to combine the strengths of an emerging media hub with the necessary tools for fans to create real-time discussion groups and organic, fan-based communities. From “Venuing Live” broadcasts to our “Voices” section, our team is here bring you the content you want, and also, to chat along with you all. 


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