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Welcome to the MoodBender Information page. Here I'll be explaining a lot of the ideas, science and philosophy that went into the production of the app. The first person I want everyone to know about is Erik Wetterskog. He was the techie in the rough that I partnered with after months of searching the skies for help. Feel free to check out his other work at http://antiblank.com and get to know this guy's talent. There's others, but let's dive in here.

Some Background
For those of you not familiar with me or my work, here's a look back at where the memes that shaped MoodBender and Touch Screen Therapy started. There's a lot there to knosh on...


The Original Version
We launched the app in a very simple format for the iPad market to get as much feedback as possible from as many different types of users as possible. There are ways to tailor the basic game design to optimize athletic/academic performance, address blocks in physical and psychotherapy, resolve post-traumatic stress and many other practical uses.

The central idea of the game is that we are all wired to recognize patterns in our visual world. Our speed and accuracy in being able to do that is in direct correlation our energy and focus. Most games out there exploit that connection and over time, distort many factors that are integral what's called in the literature our visual motor integration or VMI. For the rest of us, all that means is that if you want to know how well you're functioning today, check out your hand-eye coordination when doing everyday tasks. If your smooth there, you're good to go...   
But life doesn't always stay smooth, right? So we've 'tapped' into the one biological rhythm that VMI depends on to course correct throughout the day. It's called your ultradian rhythm. That's the approximately 90 to 120 minute rest/activity cycle that governs many of our major metabolic processes behind the scenes. By engaging in the MoodBender game for 3 minutes, you are entraining your eyes, brain and body in a coherent pattern that'll impact you for the next 2 hours. So rather than frying yourself on mindless but popular apps (name your own) MoodBender is here to literally assist the brain in becoming more flexible or 'plastic' in the way it processes the avalanche of visual input it is exposed to on a daily basis. Let me explain this.    

The user chooses what combination of energy/focus they want to entrain for that session.


They also get to choose the pace they'll be working at...SLOW, MED or FAST
After that,we present a very simple task to the user as pictured below.   


 Once they read the rules, the game begins...


After each session, MoodBender gives the user a % of the pattern they mapped and
advice on how to proceed based on their score. This is for all the paces and energy/focus combinations.

Like any new experience, it takes the brain about 25 days to internalize the coherence
the game is providing. So stick with it for a few weeks and you'll start 'seeing' it's impact.

Download the original version from iTunes by clicking the pic below.


Update! As of DEC 22nd, 2011 you can now enjoy the latest version, MoodBender Mobile, on your iPhone

 Download this version from iTunes by clicking the pic below.

Update! :( 

As of NOV 2016, both versions of the MoodBender app have been taken out of the
 iTunes store for required Apple security updates. We are currently efforting to
reconfigure the apps for use on Droid platforms in the Fall of 2017.

For now, we invite you to learn how to do the
'analog version' of the app, AKA SIMPLES here...

And you're also welcome to start your FREE TRAIL of
the MoodBender Live Entrainment Games


Be Part Of MoodBender's Future
We're expecting to launch a Flash/HTML web version of MoodBender for people to play online ASAP and an Android version in early 2012. If you'd like to partner with us, please complete the form below and you'll be contacted with one business day. I look forward to your support. 
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Join The MoodBender Discussion Group
Whether you're new to the scene or an active user, please like our MoodBender Discussion page and help contribute to this emerging technology. Together we can entrain more brains. Click here to join now  



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