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Create Change On The Fly...

Hello, Dr. Mark here. In the last 6 months of phasing in this new technology, I've really learned face-to-face how tough it is for people to make lasting, positive change in their self-limiting behavior, especially their habitual responses to stress. You've heard the statisitics, right? The odds are 9 to 1 against you! (1) To overcome that we've designed a platform that works with you and your overloaded brain LIVE, in the flow of your day, to help you align your energy and focus to today's challenges. Some days you need to be on your 'A' game, but only for that 3:00pm meeting. What happens at 7:00pm, when you're still all jacked up? How about when you desperately need to get that power nap in, but you can't shut your mind off no matter what you do? We've all seen the endless informercials for energy drinks, thirst quenchers and protein shakes that promise instant results. You'd think with 30+ years of neuroscience research and all this knowledge of the brain we'd of figured out a faster, more efficient way to change our physiological state and live better.   

The irony is all we had to do was look in the mirror...

Eye Over Chatter...
You are using the very tools we've been looking for to sharpen our senses in the moment - your eyes. The public still doesn't realize that the eyes are extensions of the brain, a living portal into our inner world. When we engage them in a rhythmic, coordinated way their activity acts just like a conductor's cue to an orchestra. If done properly, we can access states of being that are reserved for peak experiences in just minutes. That means that aha moment we search for all the time is living within us now. All we need to do is nurture it.

In December 2011, we launched an iTunes version of the MoodBender technology. We wanted to get it out there in the new mobile media world and let the user be able to regain their balance on the move. But there's still a huge portion of the population subjecting themselves to hours and hours in front of a PC screen using their eyes in ways that produce a population where over 50% of the adults need glasses and 47 million of the over 70 million people with nearsightedness or myopia are in their 20's! Again, if the eyes are extensions of the brain, what does that say about the direction of our collective 'vision'? It looks more than a little blurry to me.     

The Age of Expercise...
In the 80's, the fitness craze ushered in the era of cross-training. Gyms opened up everywhere and the push was to 'Just Do It'. Then in the 90's, we applied that same attitude to the brain. Accelerated learning technqiues developed and exciting anti-aging methods like neurobics (2) emerged to address the growing number of children and seniors with learning and behavioral problems. What's needed today is a bridge between the gym and the classroom that buffers the demands we place on both our brains and bodies. MOODBENDER LIVE allows you to naturally entrain the rhythms that best meet your needs by doing a simple 60-second visual-motor challenge while you work, study or surf. All you do is select an ENERGY/FOCUS combination you'd like to be in for the next hour. Then you choose how you'd like to subjectively filter it to your brain; simply put, more right brained and general, more left-brained and detailed or more a blend of the two extremes. This recipe delivers what's called an experiential exercise or expercise. It promotes novelty in both processing and self-expression without upsetting your 'safe mode' routines so you stay open and receptive. This gentle, yet powerful approach doesn't use the 'no pain, no gain' brute force of the 80's or the 'bag of tricks' mental magic of the 90's. It relies on the resources of the new terrains of neurobiology, epigenetics, and somatic intelligence to sharpen all 19 of your senses at once. Wait, there's 19 senses? (3) 

Curious yet? Click below for some background on the MoodBender apps we've already released to get you started... 


Finding The Peak In The Valley...
Your eyes are no different than the rest of you. They have their moments of invincibility and times when they are pooped out and need to recover. Being aware of when you're better off being in a state of HIGH energy and LOW focus, for example, has been an inexact science until now. Everyone obsesses about getting to and staying at their peak. How can we learn to get the most out of the rise, the fall and the valleys of our day? A lot of our creativity, teamwork, empathy and productivity depends on being able to function at less than 100% under pressure. To do that we need to 'see' ourselves in a whole new light. MOODBENDER LIVE opens your eyes to the world within so you can live in this fast-paced, hyper-competitive culture and not sacrifice your vitality in the process. By riding the entire wave of human performance, you'll design a clearer, more colorful life.    

Check out our Demo Video...
Watch MOODBENDER LIVE's programmer Erik Wetterskog from ANTIBLANK.COM quick tour to see what you'll get.       



Still On The Fence?
The best way to think about the MoodBender technology is to use the 'operating system' you already have. Since 2005 I've offered clients a basic expercise to do anywhere, anytime to re-center their attention and entrain their visual-motor system to a more coherent rhythm. It's right up there on the nav bar at the top of the page for you. SIMPLES (4) is a two-fold approach to synchronizing your blinking and breathing that cleans up your visual and postural imbalances from both sides of the conversation. There's the Quick Fix, which focuses on the eye movement side and there's Cross Crawls which stresses more body-based coordination. They were the genesis of what became their digital cousins. The MoodBender apps are touch-screen based so they are the portable version of Cross-Crawls. MoodBender Live entrainment games get the eyes moving much like the Quick Fix does for you off-line. So if you're still trying to 'figure this out', take a few minutes and try out SIMPLES and then come on back from the Flintstones level of somatic expercise and join us here at the Jetsons level. Enjoy!       


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To begin your journey with us, click the link below and try MOODBENDER LIVE for FREE for a week. Yearly subscriptions are just $27.00 a year, which is $2.25 a month. Not bad for 24/7 access to your desktop dojo for mojo! And the best part is that our users co-create with us. The feedback from your sessions shapes how we'll upgrade what we've started out with as more people join the party. Be part of our cutting-edge community!



Hey, Dr. Mark here again. Just wanted to let everyone know MOODBENDER LIVE has some unique partners that give you opportunities to take what you build here out into the world of self-exploration. As always, travel light!

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