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Can’t Let Go...

Late TUES afternoon and instead of rejoicing in DAL misery, I’m done with our W and their L and just staring down the pike angry. The game means nothing to them.
Going nowhere. Prob blow it up in the off-season. We have a team. Nice foundation,. We need both EAG games this year... 5-1 division and 3-7 in the other 10 and 4th seed, some respect and curses broken. To have that take away so stupid DAL or PHI can just waste our time is boiling my blood. Herm, even old Cunningham, Vick, Foles, and Wentz alll need to stop. No bad calls. No crazy bounces. Score 45. Leave no doubt. And go back and beat Brady on a cold MNF game. Makes us 3-5.

Legit contention. WSH, bye, PHI  CIN...  6-5
SEA, AZ, CLE,, BAL &  DAL.... 8-8

Give it up PHI... you are over... our time!


It’s been a very turbulent last 10 days or so in both Giant land and on this end of the words. My sister & I had a simple idea of LIVE Tweeting during our games and it was ‘fun’ last SUN until we lost. We called that whole thing - What Just Happened - NYG, designed to show why my 50+ years of watching this team allows me to see the game very differently and if you add in my eclectic background it gets weird fast.

I’ve studied how groups & individuals exchange energy for over 30 years. When any group connects they create what’s known as ‘collective coherence’. My pals at HeartMath wrote this paper to explain it. Take a minute and get a sense of it.


What happened was we realized how intensely each of us is
a Giant fan. That power is real. The project shifted. I was sitting still this morning and a new word just dropped into my mind. It represents all I stand for as a Giant fan: I’ll explain it.


The word means NEW nostalgia, which is what happens when we put all of us in one place... magic
. As our connection deepens so does the clarity with team miles away.

So while that might seem odd initially, it’s a bio-social reality.

Each of the next 6 games I’ll host a TweetMeet for us...to help us win AND heal the wounds we carry. Enjoy the show peeps!