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Rob Bryanton made his first record at twelve, and was host of a regional CBC-TV music series at twenty. He is the President of Talking Dog Studios (talkingdogstudios.com) in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, which specializes in music and sound for film and television. He has been nominated eight times in the last eight years for Canada's prestigious Gemini Awards, four times in the category "Best Original Music Score for a Dramatic Series", and four times for "Best Sound for a Dramatic Program". Recent projects to which Rob has contributed his talents as a composer and sound mixer include the hugely popular CTV series "Corner Gas", plus the historical mini-series "Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story" (CBC-TV). Rob is also responsible for the theme and underscoring on CBC's "Canadian Antiques Roadshow".

While Rob has had poems and song lyrics published in several anthologies over the past decade, "Imagining the Tenth Dimension" is his first book. It represents the culmination of a lifelong fascination with science, philosophy, and the nature of reality which, as he tells in the book, began at the age of seven. Rob is also the current President of the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association, and is an active volunteer in his community. A typical stubborn prairie boy, he is proud to have built a career for himself as a composer and sound mixer in his home town, and to have been a part of Saskatchewan's burgeoning film and television industry for the past 30 years.

Rob lives in Regina with his wife Gail and their dog Buddy. Gail and Rob have two sons, Todd and Mark. 


Define coherence in your terms...

Our reality is constructed through constructive interference from a fifth dimensional probability space which contains a wave function which can be thought of as the constantly evolving map of possible pasts and futures that connect each of us to our current "now". Those past and future paths are "coherent" with our current now, while the pasts and futures of the universe that are logically/causally incompatible are "decoherent".

Coherence, then, connects us to the multiverse as per Everett's Many World Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Speaking philosophically, coherence as a goal is finding ways for each of us to better connect to the version of the universe that already exists within the underlying patterns of timelessness which, to avoid confusion with the multiple definitions of the word "multiverse", I have come to prefer to refer to as the "omniverse".

My project, Imagining the Tenth Dimension, has been an ongoing exploration of how we fit into these underlying patterns. A seven minute video I posted on YouTube last week called "Strength of Gravity, Speed of Light" shows one example of how my project is about trying to find the common meeting ground between physics and philosophy, between science and spirituality.


A recent blog entry which goes even further out on a limb with these ideas is called "Love and Gravity":


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