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Special Offer: All users with an account are eligible to take 20% of what you purchase here and apply up to $250 per quarter to our private services listed below. You can also direct us to serve your friends, relatives or co-workers. So you can buy something for them and lower your own private consulting costs or get some soma for yourself and send someone a little 'digital donation' to their well-being.

To start your 2008 4th Quarter tally with us, simply contact our virtual assistant, Lota Samonte at (678) 701-8337 between 5pm and 9am ET (she's not from around here!) or e-mail her at lm_samonte@bellsouth.net and tell her your order. She'll keep track of your purchases and your available credit, so all you need to do is deal with her.     


Dr. Mark Filippi: Private Consulting Services
E-mail Consulting Session - $25 per month
Phone Coaching Session - $75 for 30 minutes
Intake Evaluation - $150 (includes e-mail session summary)
Seasonal Evaluation (offered in MAR, JUN, SEPT and DEC only) - $75
Quarterly/Monthly Review Session - (Live Chat) - $25

Professor Val: Consulting Services
Private Reiki Session Package - $299 for 5 sessions (45 minutes each) 
Phone Coaching Session - $50 for 45 minutes


Below we've listed the main information products, archived blogs and other resources we offer. A thumbnail overview for each item is provided. Click on the images for more details. We update/edit this page so be sure and bookmark it to stay up to date with us. Thanks!

Home Study Programs  

Tacit Journey


This is a program developed in 2004 with Alethea Jacob, former IBM Business Management Consultant and current NLP Certified Trainer. It takes you on a trip through the heart of The Extended Self Program, which is our original somatic education content. It's a great way to introduce yourself to the 'world within' and use these 6 hour long conversations as your virtual portal into 'Soma Space". The program includes a PDF with additional notes and resources.  


Somatic Companion


This is our comprehensive, 30-day 'Emotional Makeover" audio program that introduces and applies the principles of the Universal Somatics model developed by Dr. Mark. Get a byte-sized lesson each day or spend a long weekend's drive with us as we take you inside the 'Somatic Circle' and share with you how to develop the kind of self-awareness you can share with others.


Leverage for Living


Since developing the brain-based protocols for The Extended Self Program, the need has been there to create an audio package for people to be able to have me there to guide them through the various revitalizing self-care exercises. So here's a tremendous compilation of the 'filet mignon' of that material for you to pop on your iPod and take with you to the gym, your commute or to liven up a plane ride. It's got that 'one-minute wellness' flavor with somatic icing.


Instructional Audio/Video

Naked Soma Videos


In the Spring of 2008, we conducted 5 'Woo-Shops' here in Larchmont, NY that apply the practical aspects of 'positive physiology' to common issues people face. We cover immune system sensitivities, soft addictions, the dating world, body image problems, and parenting without panicking (my personal favorite). Each video gives you access to a webpage of review notes so you can watch and enjoy the pagentry of Dr. Mark's gyrations totally unfettered.  




This is a service we've offered to our local clients that we now share with you here. It's an affordable way to sample the material on Electric Filippi.com and still create a customized audio package that suits your self-care needs. You can design different audio menus for all kinds of uses to better experience relaxation, improve concentration and sharpen your memory for example. As the title suggests, Soma-2-Go is a portable way to get the message you need when and where you need it. It's also a great gift idea for the people in your life who can use a lift.  

 TSM Complete Self-Study Catalog

We now have the ultimate self-study kit available for those of you looking for a fast track to superior somatic awareness. You get all of our home study products plus the e-books and support transcripts so you can learn TSM at your own pace. Over 25 hours of audio/visual material to study and master as you ride life's waves. 


Free E-books                  




Here's a fast way to immerse yourself in the basics of using somatic awareness in a social setting. You'll learn 12 Blissful Practices that you can employ to enhance your everyday conversations with yourself and others. This free PDF is a great introduction to the concepts of The Extended Self Program as you learn how to open your identity up to the nonverbal world.  







This is our Summer 2008 e-book that explores the concept of 'entrainment through entertainment' as we breakdown 100 pop culture images and the somatic messages they're sending. You'll learn how to 'profile' your own image and use the power and beauty that is visually embedded in every nook & cranny of our lives.




Free Audio's


Back in the aftermath of Katrina, Dr. Mark reached out to the families and rescue workers by posting a daily 'attitude adjustment' for them and their loved ones to listen to as they struggled to deal with the extreme circumstances that they faced going forward. Over the years, many military families, as well as clients and students from around the world have expressed their heartfelt thanks for these 344 'pep talks'.





SIMPLES is the central self-care practice of The Somatic Method (TSM). Practicing this low-tech, rhythmic exercise is a key to promoting better brain-body harmony, which is the foundation to this self-optimization system. Be sure and click through to the Coherence Calendar so you can get the added bonus of doing SIMPLES in sync with the lunar cycle.




Since May of 2007, we've hosted this weekly radio show on BlogTalkRadio. We've interviewed over 70 experts, authors and researchers who each had a unique way for us to better understand the mysteries of human nature we all experience. So listen back to them here as we look forward to expanding this format during the Fall of 2008. We invite you to listen each week live at 9pm ET and join in the discussion in our chat room as well.