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Quick Fix Eye Movement Patterns
Down - PHYLO
Right - ECO
Left - EXO

Up/Right - ONTO
Up/Left - EXO
Down/Right - PHYLO
Down/Left - ECO

5th set Domain Awareness
PHYLO - Eyes Opening or Impulse to Inhale
ONTO - Eyes Closed or Inhalation Phase
ECO - Eyes Closing or Impulse to Exhale 
EXO - Eyes Open or Exhalation Phase

5th Set Syzygy Cadence Breakdown
Eyes Open (EXO)/Breathe In (ONTO) + Eyes Open (EXO)/Breathe Out (EXO) 
Eyes Open (EXO)/Breathe In (ONTO) +  Eyes Closed (ONTO)/Breathe Out (EXO) 
Eyes Closed (ONTO)/Breathe In (ONTO) + Eyes Open (EXO)/Breathe Out (EXO)
Eyes Closed (ONTO)/Breathe In (ONTO) + Eyes Closed (ONTO)/Breathe Out (EXO)

The PHYLO and ECO signatures are experienced as the ONTO and EXO tasks are performed.

Cross-Crawl Codes
Right-Hand Dominant People
Right Arm - ONTO
Left Arm - PHYLO
Right Leg - ECO
Left Leg - EXO

Left-Hand Dominant People
Left Arm - ONTO
Right Arm - PHYLO
Left Leg - ECO
Right Leg - EXO


This will all make sense, I swear!