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You probably know someone close to you who suffers with addiction. Here's a watercooler worthy stat - "80% of the health-care budget is consumed by five behavioral issues: too much smoking, drinking, eating, and stress, and not enough exercise." Quote from Change Or Die: Fast Company, May 2005

But if we look at it, aren't we all really addicted to the experiences those behaviors bring us? We crave the same basic things from life at 6 years old as we do at 66. The unseen force that binds us to our behavior is our emotions. But where do they come from and how do they seem to take control of us and our relationship? How can we ever learn to handle our own emotions when we can't deal with the emotions of others? These are some of the things you'll discover in your 30-day journey with us! Hi, we're Dr. Mark Filippi, Professor Valerie G. Schott and Dr. Jeb Thurmond, the team at Light The Path Live, LLC who'll be riding shotgun with you ...

We've assembled 15 years of cutting-edge research into a user-friendly series of 7-10 minute audios that introduce the six core elements of Universal Somatics. Together, they represent the common aspects of our body's language that allows us to share our feelings through subtle, physical shifts of attention. Our course is tried and true. All we need to do is follow the moon. Each phase of the lunar cycle offers us a unique emotional tone that we can use to create the leverage your body and brain need to break years of mistaken identity that cause us to feel separate, out of sync and overloaded. No wonder we smoke, drink, and eat too much!!!

What this program awakens in you is called Positive Physiology, something most of us never learned how to notice. Instead we were taught to live in reaction to our body and the events life brings us. Positive Physiology is an untapped capacity we have as human beings to relate to each other with a sense of rhythm usually reserve for rare occasions. Once you step into this awareness, the natural order iwithin you will call up your self-eXtreme -- the appetite for change. This allows you to realize something: your identity exists outside your physical body, experiencing coherent emotions locks us into it their signals. This defines a freeing moment.

Making that transition stick requires an interpreter who speaks your body's language. This program introduces you to that interpreter. We even include the PDF for the 140+ page transcripts too so you can follow along and re-read the sections that speak to you the most.

This audio program (seven hours plus corresponding 140 page booklet) is available in two forms:

  • Digital Download: $97 per download - a 73 meg zip file that contains all the audio mp3 files plus the 140 page transcript as a pdf (adobe acrobat)
  • Note: All sales are final.