Spring Forward Seasonal Transition Survey   Trans

  This inquiry is meant to provide you with resources to help you make a better transition out of Winter into Spring. In the weeks leading up to the Equinox, you will have an opportunity to:
          #1 determine if the Winter overworked, weakened or removed your tonality.
          #2 get a handle on what you can do to improve your standing in the Spring           
          #3 experiment with specific food clusters, exercises, and other adaptations designed
               to provide you feedback on your internal state of vitality.


Answer these Y/ yes or N/no questions about your Winter experience up to now.

[All maybe's are rounded up to yes!] 

 You'll get an e-mail to the link with all the recommendations to make your Spring a somatic success... 

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I experienced a cold/flu/sore throat/earache etc.. for more than 4 days *
I gained/lost 5 or more pounds since winter began. *
I was depressed, worried, unmotivated or felt isolated a lot. *
My muscles and joints ached. My overall sense of mobility decreased. *
I felt more sensitive to criticism in my relationships. I was thin-skinned. *

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