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Stephen Elliott


 Stephen is the principal author with Dee Edmonson, RN, of The New Science of Breath, Coherent Breathing - The Definitive Method, and Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of Immortality, with Dr. Meng-Sheng Lin.

He is a student and scholar in the yogas of China, Kashmir, and India and the first contemporary to unravel the "code" of the Bagua and Yi Jing to reveal its inner meaning - "the secret of immortality".

Stephen is the inventor of the Coherent Breathing method and holds multiple patents on methods and systems supporting Coherent Breathing.

He is the modern day re-discoverer of the respiratory arterial pressure wave and has patents issued and pending on its measurement and as a basis of biofeedback. Stephen with Dr. Bob Grove coined the name "Valsalva Wave", describing the wholistic arterial and venous wave phenomenon that occurs in the circulatory system when breathing coherently and relaxing.

Stephen has contributed substantially to the contemporary understanding of the heart rate variability phenomenon and its physiology.

He is the inventor of the Six Bridges method which combines Coherent Breathing with conscious relaxation of certain anatomical zones called "bridges".

Stephen is a pioneer in the effect and importance of Earthing to health and well being, holding the fundamental patent in modulation of bodily impedance through varying the connection between a human and Earth ground.

He is a long time teacher of the yogas of China and India and has direct experience with the classical Kundalini Shakti experience, having lived with its immediate presence for 10 years.

Stephen provides individual and group instruction in Coherent Breathing, Qi Gong, & Meditation. He has a biofeedback practice in Richardson, Texas.


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