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Summer Sense 2019 - Somatic Seasonals

Below are the practices we'll be doing during the course of the Summer 2018. The dates you see recommended by each section are in sync with the Coherence Calendar. You can use any/all of the resources below any time of the year. What's reflected in the protocol here is a rhythm that will present you with an opportunity to move through the seasonal cycle in harmony with your nature...

SummerBODY Below is a list of cues to use through the Summer to develop better overall spinal joint mobility, muscle and tendon flexibility and extremity joint integrity.   Since we are dealing with the Fire element, variety is the motivating force. This is the time for opening up for spontaneous growth. Use these checks to fine tune your metabolism and express your new body images as you make space for grace!

#1 Weightbearing ankle opener-Stand with feet at shoulder's width. Focus on a spot on the floor about six feet in front of you. Maintain this gaze as you inhale and pull your right knee up to your chest. Sink your weight onto your left ankle by slowly bending your left knee. Hold your breath and this position 3-5 seconds. Exhale and release your right knee to the allow yourself to stand again. Repeat this 3-5 times for the right side and then again for the left. See if you notice which side was easier for you to maintain your balance. All the reptiles from Summer Stock can go back and do some wall-walking to refine this awareness. Each step counts.      Entraining Window: Week 1 & 2: JUN 21st to JUL 7th

#2 Non-weightbearing ankle opener-If you have old ankle sprains your ligaments suffer from a phenonemon called "creep". Its the tendancy of the connective tissue to deform and bend back to a compensating position from the old injury. To "upgrade" your creepy ankles sit with your right ankle resting on your left knee. Hold your right ankle with your right hand to stabilize the joint. Cup your heel with the left hand with your thumb pressing just below the bump of the ankle. Begin to slowly rotate the heel as you massage the right calf with your right hand. Your left hand simultaneously can slide down the foot to the toes as you keep circling it around. Stop when you reach the back of the knee with your right hand. Repeat for the left ankle. A good screen for ankle joint integrity is to see if you can balance your weight if you step on a phone book. If you fall off, the capsule in the ankle is too unstable. Ankle opening is way of slowly weeding out this creep. 
Entraining Window: Week 3 & 4: JUL 8th to JUL 21st
SummerBRAIN-The summer is a challenging time for us to keep our tissue hydrated and light. The skin, eyes and mucous membranes battle the intense heat, wind and irritation of insects and chemicals like chlorine in public pools. Meanwhile, our activity levels escalate and enter the endurance phase. Marathon vacation driving, traveling and partying find us accessing the genetic blueprint for help. Most of us shift the burden to the unconscious because these events are usually the highlights of our year. So instead of addressing specifics like we did in Summer Stock, we'll just offer some general alternatives for you to sample. Our sources included Elson Haas' book "Staying Healthy with the Seasons", Michio Kushi's book "Natural Healing through Macrobiotics" and the "The Juiceman's Fresh Juice Recipes". Experiment; learn how your system works best.
Organ Rehab   
For the small intestine: Cook together equal parts of brown rice, lentils and sunflower seeds. Eat 1-2 cups daily for 2 weeks. This will also help the body heat challenges.
For the Fire in You: Place dry or fresh herbs in the Sun/Moon for one to two days--- fridge 'n' serve -- Key herbs/flowers are peppermint leaf, orange/lemon peels, rosemary, ginseng
Summer herbs for the small intestine: fennel/anise seed {for gas, indigestion} one tsp. steep 10-15 min.
Summer herbs for the heart: hawthorn berry {anyone with CHD or water retention} boil 1 qt. water + 2 ounces of hawthorn berries for 30 minutes. Take 2x a day or half cup 4x a day
Refreshing Summer Cooler - Bromelain Cooler {4-5 pineapple rings, 1/2 cup sparkling water}
Entraining Window: Week 5 & 6: JUL 22nd  to AUG 7th
Circulation Booster- As we use the body more during the summer our reserves are taxed all day.
This is for the overworked sore muscles, the abdomen (especially women) and the feet. Place a grated ginger in a cheesecloth sack and squeeze the ginger liquid into a pot of hot water that is NOT boiling. Dip a towel into the ginger water, wring it out tightly and apply hot, directly to the area to be treated. A second dry towel can be placed on top to reduce heat loss. Apply a fresh hot towel every 2-3 minutes until the skin becomes red. Also, a 1/2 cup of epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate) in a bath is a great overall skin/myofascial detox. 
Hobby Help If your hobbies over the summer include: powerwalking, running, jogging, biking, or rollerblading you use your slow twitch muscles that burn oxygen. For support you need more iron (squash, coconut, and peaches) and B12 (papaya, white grapes, salmon).   If your hobbies over the summer include: golf, tennis, waterskiing or raquetball, you use your fast twitch muscles that burn glucose, or blood sugar. For support you need more vandium {spinach, onions, brown rice} and B5 {artichokes, celery, pinto beans)
Entraining Window: Week 7 & 8: AUG 8th  to AUG 21st
SummerMIND The summer is a time to explore the emotional side of the heart. In that spirit, we offer two ways to EXternalize the running dialogue abandonment, rejection and isolation lead to.
Evening Diary- Buy yourself a spiral notebook with 90 - 120 pages. Each day, write the date at the top of the page. Spend a fixed amount of time, {more than 5 minutes, less than 15}, writing down your thoughts When your done, read it once, absorb the wisdom, rip it out and throw it away.       
Entraining Window: Week 9 & 10: AUG 22nd  to SEPT 7th  
Morning Coloring Book-Buy yourself a box a crayola 64's and a few choice coloring books. Spend as long as you want filling in the picture. When your done, look at your work. On the back, write the first word you feel describes your accomplishment. Use that word to "anchor" your mind to recognize it in daily events. 
Entraining Window: Week 11 & 12: SEPT 8th  to SEPT 23rd