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 May 27, 2009 BlogTalkRadio Interview

2010 Coherence Conference 


2011 Q & A Interview

I was a long-time reader and silent member of his Media Squat posts that were  like manna from Heaven which would arrive under the cover of darkness and brighten your day in a paragraph. But a few years ago, through the conduit of a mutual friend, I was able to meet this enigmatic messenger face to face. Soon after that, he became a client of mine...imagine that. Now I have to honor to say he's my friend. In 2010, he admirably participated in the 2010 Coherence Coherence. Despite being the farthest from the fire in the panel, in terms of background and expertise, his video put the idea into a context that made it safe for others in the room who were decorated icons in their respective fields to admit they didn't know 'everything' about this squirrely topic. We walk from there now... Rushkoff asks the questions that are highlighted. 

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The moon/brain connection explained...

a response to the WSJ article