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The TSM Complete Self-Study Catalog

The journey of developing The Somatic Method (TSM) is now yours to take. Take a trip through the eclectic thoughts and insights of Dr. Mark Filippi's ideas as he evolved into The Coherence Coach,  in this very unique self-optimization package. Why not begin with the 2004 e-book, The YES Factors, which offers you 12 Blissful Practices to begin your somatic awakening? Not a big reader? OK, tune into of the five interactive half-hour Naked Soma Videos which captured the experiential nuggets of the Woo-Shops conducted at Soma Space Studios in Larchmont, NY during the Spring of 2008. Are you just looking for some rejuvenating exercises to focus you energy and attention? Dr. Mark has you covered with the digitized audio version of the Extended Self Program's protocol, Leverage For Living. You'll get over 70 guided experiences that you can use to re-charge at your desktop or while you commute or travel. Each one is designed to be quick, portable and. ..dare we say...fun. And if sheer people-watching pleasure is your aim, flip open the pages of the 2008 e-book, The S-List - the TSM guide to understanding the core process of PROFILING. Over 100 celebrity images are included in this compilation of the social skills you'll hone as you apply and appreciate TSM's perpetual payoffs.

Finally, if you're ready for the deep end of the pool, take a dip in Dr. Mark two intensive audio programs. The first, recorded in 2004, focuses on the infrastructure of your 'extended self' with the more spiritually-focused Tacit Journey recordings with NLP Master Practitioner, Alethea Jacob. They're arranged as 6 virtual one-hour sessions which are supported with a PDF of notes with all the highlights so you can just listen and enjoy the process. And lastly, the final piece of the puzzle, the jewel of TSM's development, The Somatic Companion is included in this catalog to make your journey go full circle. Dr. Mark is joined by Soma Space alumni, Professor Valerie Gaglione Schott and Dr. Jeb Thurmond for this one. You get the over 7 hours of short story audios of this 30-Day Emotional Makeover and the PDF transcripts of them so whether you feel like listening or reading your daily lesson, the tools are there for you. This complete package of material is over 25 hours of expert guidance from one of the leading pioneers in behavioral entrainment, valued at $400, available here at 20% off. That's less than a penny a day for the whole kit and kaboodle and it's there to re-charge you 24/7...

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