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Winter Wisdom Somatic Seasonals

Below are the practices we'll be doing during the course of the Winter 2008. The dates you see recommended by each section are in sync with the Coherence Calendar. You can use any/all of the resources below any time of the year. What's reflected in the protocol here is a rhythm that will present you with an opportunity to move through the seasonal cycle in harmony with your nature...

winterBODY Connections --  Below is a list of cues to use through the Winter to promote better    overall joint mobility, sense of balance and improved lymphatic drainage.  Since we are dealing with the Water element, rust is a motivating force.  Whatever is moving does not rust.  As always, an awareness of diaphragmatic breathing is essential.  So is rest and regular cycles of sleeping and waking.  This will fine tune your metabolism and conserve your body heat.  Remember, its 98.6 on the other side of your skin.  The beach is always open if we are centered. 

X-CRAWL WALK TALL -- Begin by lying on your back on a firm surface. You can do this exercise in bed, as long as the mattress is not too unsupportive or bouncy, like a waterbed. Change the position of your feet so they're shoulder's width. Your arms should be palms down at your sides. Slowly raise the right arm and the left leg together on a silent count of three to the height you feel is controllable . Rest for a beat. Lower them back on a silent count of three. Repeat this for the left arm and right leg. Each arm-leg pair is done three times.  inside game:As your do these movements pay attention to where your awareness travels. Do you notice the upper body, lower body, right side, left side etc... This functions as a "sound check" for the extremity joints. Stay alert as you do it. It can become a wake up call for you if you "listen" to your body's language.
Entraining Window: Week 1 & 2: DEC 21st to JAN 7th      

Gut grounder- This is a bodycheck that can be done in all positions. Optimally speaking, you'd begin on your back with the knees slightly flexed. Place the palms of your hands to the right and left of our belly button. Close your eyes and notice your breathing. Silently count from 10 to 1, exhaling noticeably as you move from one number to the next. Feel your belly move as you breathe and follow the breath into and out of the body. inside game: As you complete the exploration, see if you can maintain the breathing pattern without the props a few minutes later.

Entraining Window: Week 3 & 4: JAN 8th to JAN 21st
winterBRAIN connections---  The general recommendations for a balanced Water element is based on the guidelines of Elson Haas' "Staying Healthy with the Seasons" and my clinical observations.
Joint ecologies:Those with an active arthritic pattern should avoid citrus fruit and all de-caffeinated drinks and take in more halibut, swordfish, cod liver and flax seed oil. Concentrate on assisting the kidneys in cleansing the blood! Garlic, onions and radishes will help clean the lymph.

Entraining Window: Week 5 & 6: JAN 22nd to FEB 7th   

organ rehab: The winter is time to restock our structural framework. So we will focus on conserving our body heat by supporting the endocrine connections of the the thyroid, the pituitary and the reproductive system. When we need to recharge our generators, we turn to the metal ions. Feed the blood to avoid the mud.    
heavy metal fuel: The metabolic control of body temperature comes from a healthy thyroid-kidney relationship. Potassium is the mediator of this dynamic process. The seaweed's dulse {for hypothyroid} and kelp {for hyperthyroid} will supply us with an excellent resource. Trace minerals like boron {found in yams, carrots and squash}, zinc {found in celery, sunflower seeds and wheat germ} and copper {found in pecans, pinto beans and whole grains}help the immune system and also deliver oxygen to the brain, including the all - important pituitary.
herbal help: Elson Haas suggests the following herbal teas for the Winter cycle: comfrey root {for lungs and mucus membranes}, marshmallow root {for urinary tract irritation and/or sluggish colon}, ginger root {to increase internal body temp}, juniper berries {helps sustain the immune system while traveling during the holidays}, and nettle {adds to iron uptake and helps reduce joint inflammation}, cayenne pepper {an excellent external stimulant to sprinkle in gloves and socks!}.  
Entraining Window: Week 7 & 8: FEB 8th to FEB 21st

winterMIND connections---  The Winter is a time to sharpen our skills of giving and listening. It is an opportunity to unclutter the mind, quiet down and simply reset ourselves .
icicle thinking: A graceful way to reveal underlying beliefs is to explore their correlations. To verbally accomplish this, say "iF i "x", THEN i'LL "y", BECAUSE "z". The "Z" is the payoff driving you.
Entraining Window: Week 9 & 10: FEB 22nd to MAR 7th
frozen finger rooting: Open the fingers of the left hand as wide as you can. Grasp the thumb tightly with the right hand, squeeze and breathe. Repeat this for each finger on both hands. This is a pattern interruption that can be used to clear a cluttered mind or sharpen the focus of one. Entraining Window: Week 11 & 12: MAR 8th to MAR 18th


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